Grow Pediatric Therapy hosts mini-camp for children with special needs

EVANS, Georgia (WRDW/WAGT) – While the parents are away, the kids will play. Grow Pediatric Therapy Services is in Evans. They’ve had a mini camp all week to relieve the stress of parents trying to do their holiday errands.

It’s turkey time at Grow Pediatric Therapy and Group Services. This week is their Thanksgiving mini camp that gives parents time to shop, clean, and prepare while the kids play.

“And the kids don’t want to leave when they come to pick them up, so basically the mini camps were a dual benefit for the kids,” said Victorie Steed, Grow co-owner and occupational therapist.

Engaging the children in games that work to build social, sensory and cognitive skills while following instructions and exploring tactile and sensory experiences. Steed and Christy Clutter are co-owners of Grow. They say the impact of the pandemic inspired them to make this dream their reality.

“Many families are stuck at home and many of our children have not been able to spend time with much more than one child at a time, especially with friends at home, but even at school it seems like many children do. They can’t interact with each other, so this is very important for social groups and for connecting with children they might not otherwise interact with,” Steed says.

That is one of the most important parts of their practice: inclusiveness. That causes mother Jessica Fletcher to bring her daughter back.

“What I think is really cool about this clinic is that they accept children of all levels, so my child who normally doesn’t need therapy, we can come here and it’s inclusive. It’s kids of all skill levels that can play together and normalize that rather than in a typical environment where kids of different skill levels are kept separate and you know they’re all here playing together and they’re just kids,” Fletcher said.

But group play is just one service they offer. They also specialize in occupational therapy.

“So we don’t just look at what a child can’t do, but it’s what their interests are, what their special gifts are, we look at their strengths and the whole child and the whole family and our job is to encourage their participation in the everyday life,” said Steed.

Growing and thankful for each day.

“I have so much fun here, we have so much fun and I love every day,” Steed said.

Grow Pediatric Therapy Services holds a winter mini camp the week before and after Christmas. The camps are for children aged 5 to 12 and places are limited to maintain that individual support. If you are interested in signing up for future camps and events, please visit Grow Pediatric Therapy Services and follow their Facebook page for information and updates.

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