Four-year-old cancer survivor in Lackawanna County gives back

Avery and her family hope to help other children battling cancer.

DUNMORE, Dad. – A four-year-old girl from Lackawanna County who beat cancer this year is now giving back to other kids battling the disease.

Giving back is something Avery Shivock already knows all about.

The Shivock family set up a shop in Dunmore, selling cookies to buy beads.

The beads go to children battling cancer and other serious illnesses.

“The waiting list is 421 children long and after today it will be significantly shorter,” said Stephanie Shivock, Avery’s mother.

The Shivocks were inspired to do this after Avery Shivock (4) was diagnosed with cancer last year – each of her beads represents a part of her cancer journey.

‘Avery’s beads are about six feet long. That’s very short considering some people,’ said Stephanie.

Feeling grateful – Avery and her mother decided to give something back.

“Avery was diagnosed with kidney cancer in January. She is now cancer-free after six months of chemotherapy. And we’re teaching her to pay it forward,” Stephanie said.

That’s a lesson Avery has learned a lot about.

You may remember her from a Newswatch 16 story in 2020 when we discovered she was picking up litter and cigarette butts all over her hometown of Dunmore. She was only three.

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Now – at the ripe old age of 4, Avery is making sure children with cancer gain the strength that got her through.

Every cookie sold helps pay for a string of beads for a child currently in treatment. The Shivocks hope to buy a lot of beads, but that the strings they connect remain short.

“We have been overwhelmed with kindness. We have donations from 12 local bakeries and supermarkets, we have the support of our church, we put up posters in local parks and frankly everyone came by today. We are overwhelmed,” said Stephanie.

“Thanks everyone for coming!” said Avery.

All the cookies sold on Saturday were donated by bakeries and shops in the area.

More information about Beads for Courage and the Wingman Program can be found here.

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