Follow the Pediatric vaccine schedule even in coronavirus

Even the World Health Organization has identified immunization as an essential health service.

New Delhi: Pediatricians around the world are receiving millions of questions from parents about the routine vaccinations for toddlers and children during the coronavirus pandemic. Although the second wave of infection has brought our country to a halt, doctors must urge parents to routinely vaccinate their child as it protects them from other serious infectious diseases.

Even the World Health Organization has identified immunization as an essential health service. However, the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases at hospitals overflows with Covid patients, makes parents skeptical about getting their child vaccinated, there is a tendency to delay it further. But delay can be unnecessarily harmful and in some cases even fatal to your children. Without the protection of vaccines, diseases can spread quickly, leading to harmful consequences.

Basic vaccinations required for newborns and children:

* Measles, mumps and rubella

* Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B

* Polio (oral and injectable)


* Pneumococcus and Hemophilus Influenzae

* Chicken-pox

* Typhus

* Influenza

* Rotavirus

Consequences of postponing childhood vaccines during a pandemic

Parents should not delay the booster vaccination dose of the baby without discussing this with the doctor. Delaying vaccination weakens existing immunity. We saw the devastation caused by measles in the United States by parents not following the vaccine calendar for the preventable disease. The country has witnessed distant outbreaks of preventable disease as states saw the number of vaccinated young children decline due to misinformation and fear of vaccinations.

It is no longer news that the second wave of Covid-19 is affecting children of all ages. While the virulence of the infection is not that serious in children, it does affect the children. The number of children affected is low as children usually stay at home and attend their schools and other activities online. But if the child has an illness, such as a cold and flu, and if he / she has not been vaccinated for it, he / she is more susceptible to the deadly infection.

Since children have strong immunity, they also recover quickly. Strong immunity can only be built up in small children through a good diet and getting the vaccination on time. It protects the child from many serious illnesses that require a long hospital stay. The rise of social media has spread a lot of misinformation about childhood vaccination, causing parents to worry about vaccine side effects and other risks. But the risk of complications from the disease is always higher than the risk of the vaccine, an important fact that is sometimes lost in the vaccination discussion.

Remember, we have to follow a certain vaccination schedule because it helps develop antibodies in a child, thus protecting the child from vaccine-preventable diseases. Pediatricians need to plan visits carefully so that children can receive protection when they need it. It is essential to also follow a vaccination calendar for neonates, infants and adult children. Consult your doctor if your child’s vaccination is delayed for any reason.

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