First responders and community rally around 12-year-old boy with rare cancer

ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) — An Anderson County family and community ask for your support and prayers as a 12-year-old boy battles a rare form of liver cancer.

Nick Reid, was diagnosed almost three weeks ago. Reid’s family said it all started with a stomachache a month ago. Now the cancer has spread to both sides of Reid’s liver, lymph nodes and bloodstream.

“Since then it’s just been a downhill. We took him to Charleston and the doctors said it spreads to both sides of his liver. It’s in his lymph nodes. It has entered his main bloodstream which runs all the way to his heart. Chemotherapy really doesn’t affect treatment,” said Zack Reid, Nick’s father.

“There’s nothing they can do right now,” said Melissa Reid, Nick’s mom. “We can just put him at ease and make as many memories as possible.”

“When we got the news that Nick was getting sick, no kid should ever do that alone. So we started a campaign to show Nick that there is support through the fire service,” said Ryan Herring, Anderson City Fire Department rescue captain.

A number of agencies in the Upstate and the country have expressed their support.

“As his illnesses continued Nick started to get a little weaker so we really wanted to get in touch with the fire service and make him their fifth rider for the day. Most fire departments run a four-person motorcycle company or a trucking company, so put his name on the duty roster, on a helmet, an accountability label, just to show the family that there is support, that people are thinking of Nick,” Haring said.

“We’ve had local level fire departments, Hopewell Fire and Rescue from Anderson County, West Pelzer Fire Department, Gantt Fire Department from Greenville, Life Flight have all done something to support Nick – or they’ve flown a helmet in the helicopter with his name on it, put him on the roster, even made it all the way to the FDNY in the Bronx, where he was on the night roster last night,” Herring said.

“It’s an honor they’re doing for him,” Zack said. “We cannot express enough our gratitude to the men and women of these services who take time out of their day to support him. It means a lot to him.”

“Nick always wanted to be a firefighter,” Melissa said.

The family said Nick wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“I joined the rescue team about five years ago and also became a diver for Anderson County. And we went to training sessions and phone calls, just different scenarios and he would often ride with me,” Zack said. “That was what interested him or cheered him up every time my pager went off. , he always made sure to point it out to him wherever we were.’

“As a father, I couldn’t imagine what they’re going through. I really don’t want to imagine what they’re going through, but it kind of hurts. Nick calls me Uncle Ryan. Me and his father have been friends for several years. He is friends with my children. I have a son who is two years younger than him. Nick spent the night in the house. He is on our phone at night and on weekends. So it’s also a hard blow to the whole team because everyone knows Nick and likes Nick,” Herring said.

The family now cherishes those memories and leans on prayers as they send a message.

“Never take life for granted. We’re not promised tomorrow,” Zack said.

“He was taken quickly. He’s fast and we want them to cherish your loved ones, whether it’s your child or your parents,” Melissa and Zack both said.

They also hope that Nick’s story will lead to healing and inspire more people.

“We want to let everyone know that they are not alone,” Zack said.

“We want Nick’s story to hopefully get someone – push them to find a cure because no kid should have to go through this. No child should have to experience this. No sibling should go through this and no parent should go through this,” Melissa said.

The Anderson Technical Rescue Team is asking more departments to post photos on social media in support of Nick. Anyone can show support by using #battlewithNick.

You can also support the family with donations. Email the family at to see how you can help.

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