Fiberglass Windows vs Wood Window Frames – From Maintenance To Durability, Fiberglass Is The Clear Choice

Do you like the traditional look of windows with wooden frames, but are you afraid of the maintenance required to keep wooden frames in good condition? Fiberglass windows are the perfect solution. Fiberglass has the appearance of wood without the required maintenance that comes with wooden frames.

3 clear advantages of fiber optic windows


Unlike wood, which can hold all kinds of hidden secrets such as dry rot, fiberglass won’t rot or rot. As long as your fiberglass window frames are in good condition, you don’t have to worry about your windows deteriorating; that’s why we call them carefree!

Fiberglass is also resistant to termites. Insects tend to take a foothold in old wood that is decaying, but they won’t get close to fiberglass. We call that tremendous peace of mind!

Fiberglass is also easy to clean. The exterior can be sprayed and scrubbed with a hose without worrying about damaging the material, where wood needs to be handled with greater care.

Fiberglass is also incredibly strong, so it can safely hold larger sheets of glass without worry.

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In warm climates, fiberglass frames are insulated to help increase their R-value. Fiberglass can expand and contract with changes in weather.

In humid climates, fiberglass will not rot if left damp for extended periods. In addition, it is easy to remove moss and dirt deposits from the outside.

Wooden windows can be tricky in cold climates because wood cannot bend when frozen, which can cause drafts. Also, the difference between heat inside and cold outside can cause condensation, which can lead to rot.


Fiberglass is available in a variety of premium colors. These are permanent colors that never fade, chip or wash away. It’s easy to find a custom color to match your home.

If you can’t find the exact color you need or want to upgrade your older fiberglass windows, fiberglass is also paintable. Since it is paintable, you can really tweak the look of your home to your own taste as often as you want.

Upgrade your traditional look by choosing fiberglass window frames for your next project. They are excellent replacement windows and they are also beautiful with new construction. Because they have a traditional look, are maintenance-free and climate-friendly, and available in a range of customizable colors, they are often a much more practical alternative to wood. Call our sales team. The staff at Newman Windows and Doors can help you find the perfect windows for your home.

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