Fact or fiction: COVID doesn’t impact children, Alabama pediatrician sets record straight

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — We’ve all heard the saying, “COVID doesn’t affect kids as much as adults do, so why should it matter?” A Wiregrass pediatrician is begging parents to take the virus more seriously as more kids test positive for the virus.

Doctor Jeff Tamburin of Dothan Pediatric Clinic said it is true that in most cases children will not end up in the hospital because of COVID, but having said that, Dr. Tamburin that there are exceptions to the case.

“Currently, the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham has 22 patients admitted with COVID and five of them are on a ventilator. Although most children will take a binary course, the number is not zero,” said Dr. Tamburin.

What is the lambda variant and how contagious is the strain of COVID-19?

Tamburin said the clinic began testing for COVID in March 2020. According to Tamburin, they had 20 percent more positive COVID cases just two weeks ago than during the entire pandemic.

He said that when a child tests positive, it often results in them missing school or parents missing work, which can have a major impact on everyone involved.

“In the middle of the summer, we saw five to six a week across our network of five clinics,” said Dr. Tamburin. “We are now going to 200, and last week we might have gone over it. I just don’t have those numbers yet, it’s a dramatic increase.”

Are children more vulnerable to the delta variant of COVID-19?

dr. Tamburin understands that this can be a very scary time for some parents. That’s why he encourages them to call their office if they think their child has COVID-like symptoms.

This dramatic increase is why Tamburin is begging parents to take the Delta variant seriously and get vaccinated. He said that at this point in the pandemic, children are now more than ever experiencing major problems from COVID.

“We’re seeing the number of kids getting it nationwide,” said Dr. Tamburin. “Right now, about 15 percent of all positive COVID cases are pediatric cases. We are seeing the number of admissions rising.”

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