Episcopal School of Knoxville shares tribute for second grader battling cancer

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) Sophomores and teachers at the Episcopal School of Knoxville (ESK) help make a difference for their classmates battling cancer.

Eight-year-old Allan has not been to school with his classmates this school year because of a leukemia diagnosis.

His mother, Amy Dobbs, says he was diagnosed with cancer this summer.

“Allan was diagnosed with leukemia in June and it’s called acute lymphoblastic leukemia and it’s a B cell type,” Dobbs said.

ESK employees and students make sure their friend feels the love. As a tribute to Allan, the ESK Christmas tree entry for Fantasy of Trees from East Tennesee Children Hospital will feature a personalized ornament from Allan.

Teacher Toni Mealor says everyone was on board and excited about the idea.

“This was a way for us to honor him. Something our whole class was passionate about, that we knew we could get behind and work hard on. Not just any miniature painting not just to symbolize him, but to include him in our tree. And then Mr. Cameron wrote a nice little tribute to him on the back of our ornament,” Mealor says.

Dobbs says Allan and their family are grateful for the ESK family’s love and support for Allan, and he hopes to be back at school sometime after the new year.

“We are in month five and we are at the end of the intensification phase. That’s the hardest phase, in terms of intensity, the doctor said. He’s having a hard time, but he’s got a great attitude,” said Dobbs.

Allan’s fellow classmates, Natalie and Rohen, share their love messages to Allan.

“I hope he can come back to school and play with us. And we miss him,” said Natalie.

“I hope he comes back. I really want him back. I know everyone would love that. Getting him back would be a life change,” Rohen said.

The tree will be on display on Fantasy of Trees for sale, with proceeds going to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, where Allan is currently being treated for his cancer.

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