Dog Sled Racer Lance Mackey Diagnosed With Cancer Again

Sad news… Lance Mackey — a four-time Iditarod champion — has been re-diagnosed with cancer after battling the disease in 2001.

The legendary canine musher was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2001 — and after surgery and radiation therapy, he was cancer-free.

But, Mackey announced on Tuesday via facebook that the disease is back… and says, “My winter plans just changed again.”

“I was diagnosed with cancer again and being a single dad has made sh* a little different from my winter plans.”

Mackey became only older when his partner, jenne, died in a tragic ATV accident in October 2020 — leaving him with their two children, Atigun and discharge.

FYI, the Iditarod is the brutally difficult 938 mile race that can last 2 weeks… and Lance is one of the best in the sport.

Despite not being able to race himself, Lance says he wants his pups to have a chance to compete.

“I’m not good at asking for help in any form – but here it goes. I have 8-10 dogs who deserve to race on a top team and 12 more who want to win – this season,” says Mackey.

“All respect to ALL,,,, not looking for sorry,,, just the right people for my dogs on a short term/winter deal (unless it’s a team lease sale)”

Mackey added: “I plan to race again, but it won’t be this season!!!”

And dog sledding is in Mackey’s blood… his father is a musher and a founding member of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. His half-brother is also a musher.

A legend when it comes to the sport, Mackey holds the record for most consecutive wins ever… 4 Yukon Quest races (2005-2008) and 4 Iditarod races (2007-2010).

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