Does Amber Johnston Have Skin Cancer?

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons has been on our screens for 10 seasons and has gathered a lot of followers. During one of the episodes, Amber Johnston experienced a fear of skin cancer. The news devastated her and some fans wondered if it’s true, given the moles she has on her face. Keep reading to learn more.

Meet the ‘real-life 7 dwarfs’

‘7 Little Johnstons’ | TLC

The reality series follows the lives of the Johnston family, a family of seven from Georgia, who share a genetic condition called achondroplasia dwarfism. Trent and Amber Johnston are the parents of five children. Their biological children are Jonah and Elizabeth, and they are the oldest of the five. Anna, Alex and Emma are adopted from different countries.

The ‘true seven dwarfs’, as they often call themselves, have charmed fans from season one.

Does Amber Johnston Have Skin Cancer?

On one of the episodes of The 7 Little Johnstons, Amber told the camera that she was at higher risk of developing skin cancer. This was after undergoing a series of tests on the moles on her back. However, the doctors told her that the moles were “not complete melanoma,” but also “not benign,” according to Reality Tidbit. The spot has since been removed and she appears to be free.

In a preview of a new episode of Pop Culture, Trent asked about an unscheduled appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor had asked Amber to go back for a skin check after a late cell biopsy, leading him to believe a second spot could be problematic. Trent then told Amber to have it removed as it kept changing, which really bothered him.

Speaking to the camera, Amber explained that skin cancer isn’t going away or getting better anytime soon. She admitted that she was at greater risk of developing cancer.

In February 2021, Amber took to Instagram with the caption “My #skincancerisrealcancer”, which appeared to confirm a diagnosis, although she did not officially confirm it. Hopefully Season 10 of 7 Little Johnstons will shed some light on Amber Johnston’s skin cancer status.

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The fear of skin cancer is not surprising, given that the Johnstons family is no stranger to health problems. The youngest of them, Alex Johnston, was diagnosed with central sleep apnea in 2017.

In one episode, the doctor told the family that the condition was likely caused by brainstem compression, but that wasn’t the boy’s first health problem. Six months before diagnosis, Alex underwent surgery to remove tonsils and tonsils as part of his health problem.

Before the surgery, Amber said she would give her life for her son as any loving mother would. Although they knew the surgery was necessary, they were afraid something would go wrong. According to a report by The List, Alex has been through so much, from a difficult adoption, terrifying brain surgery and more medical anxieties. It’s no wonder his mother was worried about him.

Amber has also had a series of surgeries on her back and spine over the years. She explained that surgery is part of little people’s problems. After several weight loss reports, some fans asked if she had had bariatric surgery. However, she debunked the rumors and shared that she has been following a diet and exercise plan.

It looks like Amber is taking control of her health and fans are sure to cheer her on.

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