Dinosaur dream for San Marcos girl fighting cancer

A nonprofit needs your help to fulfill a dinosaur dream for 9-year-old Jocelyn Croxen who is battling acute leukemia.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. – The opportunity to help a 9-year-old San Marcos girl battling cancer fulfill a rare dream is underway. Being in hospital for days and weeks, she missed a few precious moments as a child; but now a non-profit organization wants to do something special for the dino-loving girl.

Third grade Jocelyn Croxen was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of seven. When Campaign One At A Time, a nonprofit that helps children with cancer, heard about Jocelyn’s story, they reached out to help fulfill her paleontology dreams.

“I really wanted to travel somewhere, so when I saw Dinosaur National Monument, I said ‘yes’,” said Croxen.

Jocelyn undergoes chemotherapy every Monday. Of the countless treatments and procedures, she is on her 11th out of 48 treatments.

“It was really different and difficult, and I knew I was going to get through it,” said Croxen.

She’s been away from her family, friends and pup Sally for days, which made it extremely difficult during the pandemic.

“It just makes me really sad because I can’t play with them,” said Croxen.

Her mother had to leave her job to take care of her daughter. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor and knew she had to be strong for her daughter.

“It’s one thing when you experience this yourself, it’s a whole different ball game when it’s your kid,” said Tracy Croxen, Jocelyn’s mother.

She helps Jocelyn document her leukemia journey on Instagram to inspire other kids with cancer and encourage parents.

“You just have to argue and keep going. If you know something is wrong, you have to go, ”said Tracy Croxen.

The Jocelyn Strong Instagram caught the attention of Campaign One At A Time, a nonprofit that makes sure that no child fighting cancer feels alone.

“Our organization has a direct impact and makes those memories and experiences happen,” said Brodi Nicholas, founder of Campaign One At A Time.

So the nonprofit is gearing up to launch a month-long fundraiser to send Jocelyn and her family to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

“I know dinosaurs are really cool and I really want to see one, but they are all extinct, but I could see their bones,” said Jocelyn Croxen.

Jocelyn said if she discovers a new dinosaur, she can name it.

“Right now I’m with Jocelynsaurus,” Jocelyn said. “Hope it has a spiky back or something really cool.”

As great as this is for children, fulfilling these dreams is just as important to their families.

“You have to take those days and take those vacations and spend that time with your family and do everything you can do because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” said Brian Croxen, Jocelyn’s father.

The nonprofit is launching the Jocelyn Strong campaign from May 3-May 17 with a goal of $ 10,000 to raise money.

Jocelyn was also named Girl of the Year 2021 by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in San Diego.

Hear more from Jocelyn about why she loves dinosaurs:

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