CSR: Star Health and St. Judes to provide health and accident cover to young cancer survivors

Children supported by St. Jude India ChildCare Centers (St. Judes) during their cancer treatment (who have now been cancer-free for 5 years) will receive health and accident coverage from Chennai-based Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited as part of their CSR. Launched on November 4, 2021, the CSR initiative includes 596 children in the first year [270 children under Health and 326 children under Accident]. At least 500 children are expected to be added to this group each year as part of a new St. Judes program called St. Judes for Life (established in memory of Rani Vicaji). St. Judes for Life ensures that the children who have won the battle against cancer can fulfill their potential by providing them with ongoing support. Providing health insurance and accident coverage is such an essential step in that direction. This is a major milestone for Star Health and addresses a much-overlooked gap in health insurance coverage. dr. Prakash, Managing Director, Star Health and Allied Insurance, said: “We at Star have designed this coverage to enable children who have been diagnosed and treated and who are cancer free for 5 years to fulfill their aspirations without worry about the cost of medical emergencies.” The Rotary Club of Temple City Chennai coordinated with Star Health Insurance to implement this special coverage. “This is an important development in the coverage of children surviving cancer and it was a privilege to work with St Judes in Chennai,” said Dr. Rekha Shetty, Charter President of the Rotary Club of Madras Temple City. Dr. Bhuvana Rajendran and Rotarian J. Jagannathan have been heavily involved in the project to support children receiving treatment in India. V. Jagannathan, Chairman and CEO of Star Health and Allied Insurance said: “Children always deserve the best, regardless of their health status. and. At Star Health, we are proud to provide insurance coverage to children who have survived cancer. This is crucial because these children can lead normal lives and are entitled to insurance just like everyone else. We will continue our efforts to bring health insurance to every part of society through innovative products designed to meet specific needs.” “Survivors can live full lives, even after treatment and recovery. St. Judes for Life was established to support our surviving children from St. Judes India and enable them to achieve their aspirations after being cured of childhood cancer. A major concern for cancer survivors as they progress through life is providing for medical emergencies through health insurance. Unfortunately, insurers don’t normally cover them. Therefore, it is indeed a matter of great pride and happiness to partner with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited, who have viewed our proposal with compassion and empathy,” said Usha Banerji, Team Leader, St. Judes For Life.

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