Choosing the Right Contractor to Build a Cinder Block Retaining Wall


Many San Diego backyards can benefit from one of the simplest and most affordable landscaping design solutions; a cinder block retaining wall. This cost effective and reliable landscaping feature helps slow soil erosion, direct water runoff, and can increase the usable square footage of your backyard. Furthermore, San Diego’s best contractors are coming up with creative designs and clever solutions for building cinder block retaining walls that not only provide protection from erosion, but also serve to add an interesting visual feature to your landscape. Here’s a few tips on picking a great contractor for your retaining wall project.


Find a Team That’s Knowledgeable about Hills and Water Runoff

San Diego is known for its beaches, burritos, and palm trees, but what many people don’t realize is how hilly the local landscape truly is. Many of San Diego’s homes are set onto slopes, or in dry areas where downhill erosion is an issue. A knowledgeable local contractor will be able to assess your landscape and provide a retaining wall solution that minimizes the angle of slope, keeping soil in place. They can also build cinder block retaining walls that are designed to promote safe water drainage. This is especially important for San Diego’s tendency for unpredictable storms and flooding during the winter. A good contractor will know how to achieve the right drainage, minimizing pressure build-up within the retaining wall and optimizing the safety and durability of the structure.

Choose a Contractor That Can Handle a Range of Spaces

San Diego real estate prices are considerably higher than much of the rest of the nation. Consequently, homeowners attempt to maximize their square footage by building backyards into hills, optimizing space and saving money. A good contractor will have experience in working with both large and small spaces, and will have an eye for determining the best ways to utilize the landscape by adding cinder block retaining walls, pathways, drainage, and more.

Work with a Contractor That Owns High-Quality Equipment

The best contractors own the right tools to get the job done. If your goal is to build a retaining wall, find a contractor that owns their own drilling rigs, excavators, trailers, and storage equipment. When your contractor has immediate access to the correct tools, you can rely on less delays with your retaining wall project, faster service, and also less hassle without having to schedule and coordinate with multiple different equipment rental services. Contractor-owned equipment is also often times better maintained than the rigs and excavators provided by a third party service.


If you’re looking to protect your home from downhill erosion, improve the water draining in your yard, or add visual interest to your landscape, a cinder block retaining wall may be the perfect solution. During your hunt to find the perfect contractor, don’t be afraid to ask the right questions: Have they worked in a space similar to yours? What’s their experience with working on highly areas? Do they own their own equipment? What do they know about water-proofing materials and techniques? Going with a great contractor can often mean the difference between a successful, long-lasting outcome and a poorly-constructed wall that will have to be re-done in a short time.

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