Chattanooga Pediatrician “Heartbroken” By Effect Of COVID On Children

A pediatrician at Chattanooga’s emergency department said she is “heartbreaking” at the effect COVID-19 is having on children amid the surge in cases caused by the Delta variant.

dr. Tammarah Davis, who is at the Children’s Hospital in Erlanger, wrote in a Facebook post:

“I’m not okay. I am heartbroken and incredibly tired.

“I am a pediatrician and although I work in emergency medicine I am not used to the sheer number of children being hospitalized, especially in the ICU, fighting for their lives.

“I am tired of informing parents that yes, your child’s illness is due to COVID. I am tired of seeing parents in tears and shock as I give them the diagnosis. I am tired to yell at me for asking if you and your child are vaccinated.

“I am literally writing this with tears falling down my cheeks. This is not a political position. I am just exhausted by the magnitude of the situation.”

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