California Home Tips: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s that time of year again! Fall is finally here, and you know what that means? Time to think about fall projects. “June Gloom” rises to reveal a clear, sunny sky, making this a great time to check off some of your home care items so you can keep your home in top condition for years to come.

Below are some fall maintenance items for California homeowners — which one will you tackle first?

Home Maintenance Checklist for California Homeowners


Your windows and doors are much more than just gates to the outside, they let the view in and keep out pests, intruders and bad weather.

Clean – Even if we don’t realize it, some windows are low maintenance and we forget to clean them. In any case, grab a soft cloth and a window cleaner without harsh chemicals to clean the glass. This is also an excellent opportunity to view the window frames. If you have wooden frames, check for swelling, rotting or warping. Look for cracks or peeling paint in case you need to tackle them. Cosmetic problems can usually be treated alone; however, major problems may require repair or replacement of the window.

draft strip – A good draft strip ensures that your home is comfortable and your home is energy efficient. It’s time to check the shape of your weatherstripping now. If you identify weaknesses, they need to be strengthened.

To replace? – Your windows may be in good condition and you may not need to replace them. However, if you are having problems with your windows, it is often more economical to replace them rather than repair them. Replacement can be the solution if your windows are cracked or the frames are warped or severely damaged. You should evaluate the pros and cons for yourself; however, increased living comfort and value make window replacement worthwhile in many situations.

If you have cracked or broken windows or doors that aren’t working properly, you can replace them before the rainy season, saving you peace of mind and money.

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Check walls and ceiling for cracks – Do you see any gaps that need to be closed? Now is the time to take care of it. Small cracks are easy to fix, but can become major problems if left unattended.

Heating/AC System – Start changing your filters if you do it yourself. This is an important task that must be performed regularly to keep your HVAC system working properly and to keep the air in your home clean.

Schedule the annual maintenance inspection – Make sure the inspector also checks the pipework and makes sure it is clean and safe.

Also, check your thermostat to determine if everything is working correctly, including the temperature control for each room.

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Make it a point to check them every six months. It’s simple and it’s an important part of helping your family stay safe.


Roof – With the onset of the rainy season, it is no fun to discover that you have a leak during a storm. Have a professional inspect your roof for possible leaks and have them proactively repaired. In the end, it will save you money and so much stress to sort out any issues ahead of time.

flower beds – Remove weeds and apply mulch to protect plants from possible cold weather.

trees – Always a favorite in the fall, start with good tree maintenance by checking for dead branches that can come down in high winds. It is important to fix this problem before it becomes an emergency!

Also, give your trees some TLC by removing debris and leaves from the lawn around them. Fall is the perfect time to give them some extra hydration too.

Gutters and downspouts Fall is when gutters start to fail, mainly because they get clogged with leaves and debris. It’s easy to hire someone to clean your gutters and check the connections to make sure everything continues to work properly. You don’t want water running into your yard, driveway and porch.

Also, check the flow of the drains. Make sure the water drains away from your house.

Front door – Once you’ve cleaned up your yard, it might be a good idea to paint your outside front door. Ensure all cracks and crevices are properly filled before applying another coat of fresh color for added protection.

Do the same for your driveway and walkways – It is not uncommon to see cracks or small breaks in these areas. A quick fix with a concrete plaster will make it as good as new, ready for winter weather.

Outdoor lighting – Make sure outdoor lighting fixtures are working properly by testing them out in the dark at night (obviously!). If bulbs need to be replaced, use LED if possible, as they burn brighter than standard bulbs and have a lower wattage. It’s also good to replace them after about five years, just for safety reasons.

Yes, maintenance will save you time and money, but the main benefit is the peace of mind knowing that your family will be warm and safe all winter long. If your windows and doors need to be inspected or replaced, give us a call at Newman Windows and Doors. Your safety and security are our top priority.

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