Busy pediatrician offices prepare to give vaccines to children

dr. Alex Cvijanovich, president of the New Mexico Pediatric Society, said pediatric offices are expecting a surge in families wanting injections.

“Many pediatric offices are working hard to offer the COVID vaccine in their offices to the 5-11 year olds,” she said.

Cvijanovich said pediatricians are very busy right now, but that’s typical. There is always an increase in sick children at this time of year. Still, offices all over the state are ready to hand out shots.

“I think we’re going to see a big increase and that’s a challenge at first,” she said.

Cvijanovich said pediatric offices will offer Pfizer COVID vaccines as part of regular checkups, for specific appointments, and many will have larger injection clinics.

About a month ago, KOB 4 spoke to her about the ongoing hesitation about vaccines. She still sees the same trends and she notices that even some vaccinated parents are hesitant to give their children a COVID vaccine.

“We’ve got the studies in this age group that show it’s safe, but we also have the data from hundreds of millions of people who got the larger dose, and that’s considered safe, and we’ve also seen, as the research has come.” that there are fewer side effects in this age group,” Cvijanovich said.

Families can now start the process. Parents can sign consent forms and link their vaccine profiles to their child’s.

This week, Health Ministry officials spoke about how the state is ready for this new age group, saying that children in this age group will have a chance where vaccines are now offered.

“We will be able to have sufficient doses for every eligible child, in the state, on time or within days of approval,” said DOH spokesman David Morgan.

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