Brenham high schoolers work together to help local cancer patient

BRENHAM, TX – Students from Brenham High are using what they have learned in class to help others in their community.

The Brenham building engineering class puts their knowledge gained in the classroom to the test.

Mark Theil has worked for Brenham ISD for 20 years. He has influenced the lives of many students by teaching them life skills.

“What I’m really trying to teach my students is that they need to give back to the community,” said Mark Theil, Brenham High Construction Technology Teacher. “I’m teaching so many kids who have never had a chance to give back,”

Through a building engineering class at Brenham high school, these students helped a woman fight cancer by building a ramp in her home.

“We worked on the disaster project here in class for a few weeks and we were able to give it to a needy,” said Hector Martinez, a senior at Brenham High school.

Now she can navigate around her house with her walker and avoid stairs, thanks to the students who made it possible.

“I think the best thing should be to just be able to help,” added Martinez.

Although it was challenging, the students were happy to be able to help someone in their community.

“Even though we were struggling and it was a tight, small hallway space, so we struggled to work on it, but we got it done,” said Claudio Zavala, a junior at Brenham High school.

“It’s so good to see that they are happy with what they have done and to feel proud that they have helped someone else,” said Theil.

This class not only teaches these students to give back to their community, but also prepares them for a very successful future.

“We learn hands-on skills here, these are things that they can put directly on the job market and get a vacancy,” explains Theil.

The students have worked on several other projects, such as building a barn from scratch. As well as assembling small wooden butter cheese and eggs games that are shipped to children being treated at Texas Children’s Hospital

According to the Texas Personnel Committee, a carpenter or architect can earn between 26 and 46 thousand a year in salary.


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