Breast Cancer Survivor Can’t Have Children, Abandoned Baby Found in a Truck Changes Her Life

Lorraine Nichols, a two-time breast cancer survivor, was unable to have children of her own. One day, an abandoned baby found in a parking lot crossed her path at work.

It no longer comes as a surprise when babies are found in public places after their mother cruelly left them for someone else to find them.

Fortunately, many kind souls step in to raise abandoned children and give them the same love as a biological parent would. That was the story of baby Charlie.

In May, a newborn baby was abandoned by his parents in the parking lot of a Florida apartment complex. He was all alone, scared and with a dirty diaper. Fortunately, a student found him and immediately contacted the police.

The child was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to receive proper treatment. Coincidentally, he came under the care of respiratory therapist Lorraine Nichols, a two-time breast cancer survivor who was unable to bear her own children. She shared:

“My heart just went out to him. He was left alone, and there’s no telling how long he really was there.”

Upon observation, Nichols said he was hypothermic, with his temperature dangerously low. However, he was fine and had no obvious abnormalities.

She always wanted a child of her own and even turned to fertility treatments.

After holding Charlie in her arms, she knew they had a special bond. So when she told her husband, Charles, that he wanted to adopt the abandoned child, he supported her.

Charlie was released from his forever home after calling the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Children’s Home Society for possible adoption.

Suddenly Charlie had two grown brothers and an adult sister. They are Charles’ biological children, whom Nichols helped raise. She always wanted a child of her own and even turned to fertility treatments.

But when the doctors said the treatments could bring cancer back, she decided to stop. Adoption was always an option, but they were told it would take years.

Fortunately, a blessing in the form of Charlie, whose real name is Caleb, arrived just in time. Nichols shared:

“I truly believe that what God has for you is for you. It’s time and God said, “No, this time you’ll get Caleb.” And Caleb went with us.’

Many parents built families by adopting children. Among them is Barry Farmer, a father of three. As a foster child, Farmer knows the needs of abandoned children.

So growing up, he made it his mission to help his own adopted children and become an advocate for foster parents. His story has since inspired many to do the same.

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