Beyond the Bow: In remission for cancer, this 2 year old and her family are giving back to the hospitals who helped her

Aislinn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a few days before she turned one.

MIDLAND, Texas – This Christmas has new meaning for the Smith family.

Their two-year-old daughter Aislinn is in remission from cancer. You can’t miss her, with that sweet giggle and those big eyes.

To make sure that Aislinn and her parents pay back, they go back to the hospital that saved her life, Covenant Children’s, to make sure every child has a new toy.

Aislinn is full of life – having her here and being healthy is the greatest gift of all.

“She has neuroblastoma — we’ve had a few rounds of chemotherapy and then surgery and she’s in remission,” said Chloe Smith, Aislinn’s mother.

Aislinn was diagnosed with cancer just days before she became one.

“I fell to my knees… It was horrible, you hear the word cancer and you think the worst,” Chloe said.

It was a difficult year for Aislinn and her family.

“She’s everything to me. She’s my only child. Sorry, I’m getting emotional. She’s just pure joy. She does have some setbacks, because everything you get chemo, there are setbacks. We’re in different therapies. But they blooming now,” Chloe said.

A thrill of hope for a tired family. This Christmas they hope to be able to give the same to other families.

“We’re doing a toy campaign for Covenant and Midland Memorial through the pediatric ward. While Aislinn was in the hospital, they brought her toys, blankets, anything to put her at ease. Being an immunocompromised disease, don’t take toys from take it home,” Chloe said.

Bringing gifts to others while thanking God for theirs.

Like a sweet hymn of joy… this Christmas gives new meaning to a holy night, a divine night.

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