Ballad Health: Pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations increase 3rd day in a row | WJHL

JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (WJHL) — Ballad Health’s pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations have surged since Wednesday.

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Friday marks the third day in a row that Niswonger Children’s Hospital has registered an increase in the number of admitted COVID-19 patients, Ballad said.

There are currently six children battling the new coronavirus virus in Niswonger.

In addition, two more people have been admitted to Ballad hospitals since Thursday due to COVID-19.

The health system reported two fewer hospitalized patients who were dependent on a ventilator, but, as previously warned by health officials, only half of those who refuse to depend on a ventilator survive.

Ballad Health Chief Clinician says about half of COVID patients placed on ventilators do not survive

The following is a breakdown of the COVID-19 data provided by Ballad Health on November 5:

Total number of COVID-19 hospital admissions: 168 (+2) Total number of COVID-19 PUIs (patient under study): 8 (+1) Total number of COVID-19 admissions: 17 (+1) Total COVID-19 discharges: 15 (-1) COVID-19 patients in the Intensive Care Unit: 44 COVID-19 patients on a ventilator: 33 (-2) Pediatric Patients at Niswonger Children’s Hospital: 6 (+2) Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 44.7%

Ballad Health reported on Friday that there have been 40 COVID-related deaths in the region in the past seven days, compared to the 39 deaths reported Thursday in the past seven days.

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