3-Year-Old Cancer Patients From Arizona Reunite After Forming Bond in the Hospital

Mack and Payson are small, but have already had to overcome some major health challenges. And they did that together.

“They know what each other is going through, they know the heart,” said Ty Porter, Mack’s father. “Where we can all guess, and we can all kind of understand, but they know three-year-old childhood cancer.”

The three-year-olds met earlier this year when they lived on the same floor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. While there, they both battled various forms of childhood cancer.

They each went home and were separated for two months.

“During that time, those two months, they were sending videos back and forth, FaceTime,” explains Mack’s mother Ani Porter. “And they kept asking about each other.”

Now both toddlers are in remission and recently reunited. Mack, once the little gentleman, even brought flowers for Payson.

“The human experience has so many difficult things, and it can be so much better if we just take good care of each other,” Dani added.

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