28-Year-Old Woman With Back Pain Diagnosed With Rare Cancer

A 28-year-old mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer after a year of spinal pain.

Natasha Stacey, from Flint in Wales, UK, had suffered from back pain for months before an MRI scan revealed a tumor on her spine, North Wales Live reported. The September diagnosis also revealed that the cancer had spread to Stacey’s brain.

Stacey, a beauty therapist, is currently undergoing treatment at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Merseyside, following surgery to remove the spinal tumor.

The mother of two children, ages seven and four, first went to her primary care physician over a year ago with a diagnosis of sciatica associated with her back pain. After her pain got worse, she asked doctors for further tests, North Wales Live said.

These tests revealed an aggressive cancer, which Stacey will have treated with chemotherapy over the holiday season.

Jessica Stacey, Natasha’s niece, has launched a GoFundMe appeal for the 28-year-old whom she describes as “a real source of inspiration.”

Jessica Stacey wrote on the fundraising page: “The road ahead will be difficult, but she is the strongest, bravest and most determined beautiful woman. Tash has fire in her soul and she is a true inspiration.

“She’s going to fight this and we’ll be with her every step of the way and I’m sure all of Flint will be too.”

She added that the money would be used to help Natasha Stacey during the coming months of treatment. The GoFundMe fundraiser has raised £4,262 of its £6,000 goal so far.

North Wales Live reported that as the festive season kicks in, Natasha Stacey and her family were determined to “have a Christmas to remember”.

Speaking to North Wales Live about her cousin, Jessica Stacey said: “You never expect to hear this news at such a young age, and I don’t think any of us would have thought it would be the outcome. We want this Christmas special and make those special memories with her and for her children.

“Tash is the life and soul of the party. She’s such an incredible person to be around. I definitely couldn’t have handled it as well as she did.”

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, where Stacey is treated, is one of the UK’s leading cancer care centers

The center occupies three locations in Liverpool city center, in the district of Aintree and on the other side of the Mersey in the Wirral. It provides cancer care to a population of 2.4 million people.

A stock image showing young women experiencing back pain. A 28-year-old mother from Flint in the UK was diagnosed with a rare cancer after a year of back pain. Yakobchuk Olena/Getty

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